Client Spotlight: Gobble-n-Go

For our next client spotlight, we are showing off a new member of the Insure My Food Truck family from The Lone Star State. Texas is one of the most popular states for food trucks and trailers, according to Forbes the state accounts for about 6% of all food trucks in the country! With so much competition only the best trucks stand out, and of those is our new client, Gobble-n-Go.

Gobble-n-Go was started by Josh and Lele Carter in 2018 and they have hit the ground running. The menu consist of gourmet turkey burgers, vegan burgers, fries, drinks, and desserts. They stress that they have a “No Pork No Beef Menu”. Josh says that the most popular items on the menu are the Pizza Burger, and the Chili Cheese Burger. You can find their truck serving what they call “healthy junk food” in and around the Houston area. It’s hard to miss because of the giant cartoon turkey, sitting inside of a bun with lettuce and tomato, pictured on the side of the truck.


The Carter’s joined the food truck industry for the same reason as many others. Lele is a talented chef and wanted to open a restaurant, but the startup costs and overhead fees were too high. So a food truck made perfect sense as an alternative to get her delicious food, quite literally, to the streets. It seems like it was the right choice, as one of the aspects of running a food truck that they love so far, is the ability to pack up and relocate whenever you like.

Starting a food truck is no picnic, so we asked the Carters what advice they might have for any new food truck owner’s out there. Here’s their answer:

The success of operating a food truck starts with the FOOD... everything else will fall into place. Get you a team that you can trust and prepare to be fully committed to your business.

Josh says their favorite part about operating Gobble-n-Go, is “the ability to serve all of our surrounding communities and provide them with affordable foods with a smile on our faces”. If you are in the Houston area, find out where the Gobble-n-Go truck will be today on their Facebook. And make sure to follow them on Instagram as well @gobble.n.go!