Typical Food Truck Insurance Claims

I get asked all the time by friends and family what types of claims we get... They think that our typical claims are food illness and large auto accidents. So they are quite surprised when I tell them those are the least likely claims.

The most common claim we take is equipment breakdown and loss of business income resulting from the equipment failure. Food trucks relay on many pieces of equipment to operate. From the generator, grill, hood, blender, compressor, sink, you name it... If one of these items goes down it could put you out of business until a repair or replacement is made. 

Chances are good that your current food truck insurance coverage DOES NOT properly cover equipment breakdown and loss of business income.  A standard business owner policy will have a designated premiums on the policy. that could be your commissary or home office, what ever you told your agent/broker. Property losses typically have a limitation of coverage subject to 1,000 feet from such designated property. Therefore, if your hood or other vital equipment fails at a venue, you probably won't be covered. Even if you policy may have some coverage for equipment breakdown and loss of business income, your claims adjuster may not be familiar with your industry which could cause confusion during the claims process and delays to get you back in business. Our adjusters take these claims all the time and are experts in getting you back in business.

The second most common claim our clients report is window damage... An example would be if a employee forgets to put the window down and takes out a pole and window in the process... Hey, it happens, you're tired, busy and foget that last step when closing up for the day. We Also pay the loss of business income in this scenario as well if the truck needs to go into repairs for some time. 

We have yet to take a food borne illness claim which is a testament to our superior clientele. And the large auto accidents are extremely rare. It's the little things that can add up and devastate your bottom line if you're not covered. Need a consultation to determine if you have coverage for this losses or not? Let us know and we will provide a complementary review!