San Jose Taco Festival of Innovation

My family and I attended the San Jose Taco Festival this past Saturday. I must say we were impressed with the attendance and the amount of trucks present. There were approximately 40 food trucks of all variety dishing out some awesome food, mostly tacos of course. Ryan Sebastian of Moveable Feast was the man behind the plan and did a great job of balancing food, music and entertainment. I think they may have caught some flack for charging admission, but with all the activities and gourmet tacos at $2 a pop, it was money well spent. 

My kids especially enjoyed the Lucha Libre Wrestling action and face painting. The bounce houses were a nice addition. Although for the sake of others we did not allow our kids to bounce around with too many short rib tacos in their tummies. It happened to be a beautiful day which was a nice surprise after all the recent thunderstorms and rain we've been getting. I could tell the crowd was definitely enjoying themselves and the food, which is what it's essentially all about. 

This being the first taco festival, they did a great job! I'm sure with the success of this event there will be a 2nd Annual Taco Festival of Innovation. Great work to all the trucks involved, organizers and volunteers. I took a few photos you can find on Flickr here.