Staff Spotlight: Nina Quintero

Every now and then we would like to spotlight staff here at Insure My Food Truck. We have awesome people here that we want to share with the world. Here is a glimpse of Nina Quintero who has been on board for eight years and helps customers with certificates of insurance, policy changes, billings and all the other "fun stuff" that comes along with insuring your food truck!

IMFT: How long have you been in insurance?

Nina: 8 years now.

IMFT: What’s your favorite part about helping clients?

Nina: Knowing that I’m making someone’s brain hurt a little bit less!

IMFT: Favorite Street Food?

Nina: I’m a classic taco truck kinda gal.

IMFT: If you could run your own food truck what would you serve and what would it look like?

Nina: I would serve corn dogs and fries, all sorts of dogs and all sorts of fries! My truck would look like a flying corn dog (obviously there would be a cape involved).

IMFT: What Pandora station would be bumpin' in the "Flying Corn Dog Mobile"?

Nina: Comin out with the tough questions now! I’d have to go with old school reggae/ska/dancehall a la Toots and the Maytals.

IMFT: Insurance can get a bad wrap, what can you tell the food truck operators about how we help?

Nina: Insurance can be complicated, and we’re here to help you understand your coverages so that there’s one less thing on your plate!

IMFT: Random fact about you?

Nina: I have as many tattoos as I am old minus 7.

IMFT: When not helping clients what do you like to do?

Nina: I love browsing antique stores for really unique finds.

A big thanks to Nina for sharing! To learn more about us click hereGet a quote or contact us if you want to work with REAL insurance professionals.