Do You Get Cash After a Crash?

Hey food truckers, do you ever wonder what to do about your income if you're involved in a significant accident or fire? We are thrilled that our partner carrier offers loss of business income coverage for food trucks! This is the only or one of the only insurance carriers offering this important coverage.

It's not my goal to scare you or bore you here, but if it takes a couple of weeks to say 2 months to fix your rig, are you going to be okay? Will you be able to pay bills, staff, yourself? Most business package policies include this coverage, but until very recently it was not available to mobile food vendors. 

This is not expensive coverage and worth exploring. Oh, and have I mentioned that we can write your business auto, general liability and property coverage including loss of business income on one policy? Oh, and that one policy can be paid monthly with no finance charges? I'm just saying...  Give me a call or drop an email with questions about this or anything else.