Naked Food Trucks!

Do I have your attention now...? What costs between $3,000-$5,000 is vinyl and may not be covered on your insurance? ANSWER: your wrap! Your wrap is your identity and probably worth way more to you that the actual dollar cost, but did you know that unless specifically covered on your policy you probably do not have coverage?

Let's say someone decides to give you a nice tag because they think their art is better than yours, or you get hit and you need all or most of your wrap replaced. I don't know many food trucks that can pull off this look and be successful do you? I know... the hipster restaurants and coffee shops don't need signs, but you need a wrap. You are a moving billboard catching thousands of glances a day! People come to recognize you by your wrap and many times decide if they are going to try you out if they like your look.Wrap Me Please!

Realistically it's cheap to insure your wrap and it's a must unless you like shelling out a weeks income on vinyl. Do it up right, get the right coverage. Oh, and work with a professional wrap company. If you're in California or the west coast check out Custom Vehicle Wraps. They do some awesome work!