Would You Like Fries With That?: Food Truck Menu Add-Ons Add Up

Would you like fries with that? Anything to drink for you today? Sound familiar?

Though I don't like to admit it, I eat at fast food restaurants from time to time. Having two kids makes it near imporssible to avoide the occasional fast food fix. As food truck owners you are essentially in the fast food business and there is something to be learned by these international conglomeates that can help you succeed in your business. 

You are probably already doing this, but I just want to remind you how improtant "the add on" is to your business. Whether you sell cookies from your truck as a side or dessert, have beverage options, or add extras to your entrees, you should be offering your customers add ons. McDonald's will always ask if you want fries with your order, Taco Bell will always ask if you would like a drink with that and Burger King would ask would you like that King Sized until a little documentary came out about unhealthy fast food habits. 

Add ons are a quick easy way to add black ink to your bottom line and satisfy your customers. I eat at A LOT of food trucks. I see and hear add on sales happening all the time. Oh, and I never say no if you ask me for an add on, so ask me! A good example was my recent visit to Eat See Hear outdoor food truck and movie event. I ordered a pastrami Yinzer form Steel City Sandwich. The guy taking my order was very cool and suggested that I add a fried egg to make it a true Pittsburg style sandwich. How could I say no? It was an amazing sandwich, and I was glad he recommended the egg... Everyone wins! 

You are in the food business and the sales business. Make sure your staff know this as well. Make it fun, maybe make a contest over who can sell the most add ons with some incentives. Add ons provide great mark up opportunities and make the customers happy. Sometimes you don't want to ask, but someone else probably will and who is going to make the $1.00 of the can of coke???