Los Angeles Food Trucks: A Trip through Photos

6.27.12 10:00 AM Laptop, bags, schwag, cooler and skateboard. What else do you need for a LA road trip? Leaving the East Bay for a Insure My Food Truck promotional trip to Los Angeles. Since we seem to have the best rates in Los Angeles, it just made sense to pay our gourmet food truck friends there a visit. 

 5:00 PM Skip traffic and go straight to Griffith Park to run out stiff driving legs. Beautiful views!

8:30 PM After settling in at a friend's pad we head for dinner at Loteria Grill inside the Farmers Market by CBS. This is a great outdoor eatery with several choices. Below is the taco sampler platter, yum... I'd have to say the succulent shredded beef tacos were the best.

6.28.12 9:00 AMish What would my trip be without breakfast atEggSlut? Coupled with San Francisco's Sightglass Coffee from neighboring Commissary, it's a good thing. The EggSluts were super friendly and the food was egg-cellent. Check out Shepard below for proof... I had the scrambled egg toast and he had the fried egg sausage sammie. 

11:00 AM Monika and I hit up Grilled Cheese Truck in Hollywood. They are one of the OG (Original Gourmet) trucks in LA and have a cult like following for good reason...

11:30 AM we stop by the CNN building to meet Rockin" Roll Truck and TNB BBQ Truck before the mad rush.

12:15 PM Off to the Miracle Mile. This is an amazing spot with 10-15 trucks per day on Wilshire Blvd... Here I am with goodies for the trucks on the Miracle Mile. Everyone was super receptive and friendly. The food was not bad either!

6:30PM I headed over the the Yamashiro Farmers Market in Hollywood. This is an amazing market overlooking Hollywood and LA. I have never been to a farmers market that has views like this. It seems like just as much a destination to enjoy music, food and beverage as to pick up fresh fruits, veggies and artisan crafted foods. TrucksCoolHaus and Trailer Park Truck were present dishing out dinner & dessert.

10:00 PM Headed to The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. to see Tony Clifton. Warning, the show is not for the faint of heart, but he's hilarious if you are not too sensitive. 

6.30.12 9:30 AM  Met with client HUB LA in the Art District. They secured an amazing location to grow their collaborative workspace for socially responsible entrepreneurs. If you are starting a business and/or need a collaborate workspace with like minded yong businesses, please look into the HUB. We had a great breakfast burritos at Novel Cafe. This neighborhood was cool. It reminds me of the Mission SF maybe just before everyone decided it was the hip spot. 

6.29.12 11:00 AM Met with AA Cater Truck Manufacturing. WOW, what an operation. They assemble some amazing trucks and have one of the largest commissaries in Los Angeles. Alex gave me a tour of the facilities, thanks Alex! I also got a peek at the newest Mobi Munch promo-mobile. If you are looking for a great truck, look no further. 

8:00 PM Birthday dinner at Maggiano'snear the Farmers Market Los Angeles. This was my first visit to a Maggiano's. More impressive than their food was the space. We ate in their outdoor patio, but they also had two levels of indoor dining. The highlight of the night was desert, excellent creme brulee and caramelized banana, ice cream and pound cake dish.