Everyone Wants to Jump Aboard the Food Truck Train

We knew it was just a matter of time before insurance carriers caught on that gourmet food trucks are here to stay and are typically run by good business people. For the past four years most insurance carriers have been saying that they are not interested in insuring food trucks and that they are just not a "good risk". When we launched, we were fortunate enough to partner with an amazing insurance company that understands gourmet food trucks and understands risk. We have built our client base from a hand full local of food trucks to over 600 trucks and trailers in most states. Wouldn't you know it that some carriers are now interested in working with us to "tap into" this emerging market though they don't have the experience or coverage to support us or you. Some carriers are attempting to write food trucks through their common agent force that do not understand your business or what coverage is needed. This is causing gaps in coverage and uninsured losses that have and can put food truck owners out of business. 

In other cases, some major insurance carriers have decided that they want to non-renew their entire food truck clientele because of poor experience; in other words too many losses. These are the carriers that were the low price leaders that wanted in, but were not writing best in class and therefore lost money in the process. 

There are still, of course, the carriers that want to insure your truck, but not your business or vice versa... Why go through all the hassle when we have already perfected a gourmet food truck insurance program designed for you?

Insure My Food Truck is celebrating our official Three Year Anniversary of writing gourmet food trucks. We have been insuring food truck longer, but three years ago we branded ourselves as Insure My Food Truck with the intension on helping the best food truck owners in the country with the best insurance products. It is clear why we have succeeded this long, but we need your help to continue to service your industry. Before you get non-renewed, or have a claim that is not covered, please consult with us. We need your support to be able to provide our amazing coverage and service. Make sure that the insurance company train you jump aboard is going to the right destination!