Social Media is for the Birds!

I am constantly amazed by the reach of social media and it's forever changing capabilities. Food Trucks and mobile food vendors are perfect examples of businesses mastering this art. When starting to write food trucks I was surprised how many did not have a website... How can you be in business without a website? Easy, be where your customers are. A friend of mine, owner and operator of The Chairman Truck is a more percise example. No website, but now almost 11,000 followers on Twitter and over 2,500 likes on facebook!! Their fans can easily find out where the Chairman trucks will be, what they are up to (up to the minute) and what's on the menu. They do not need a website and do not have to advertise. They simply have to engage their customers socially (while continuing to slang awesome buns). 

Now I'm in insurance. Try getting fans talking insurance, I dare you! This is not the point, whither you have an irrestible product like savoy baos or a tough to talk about service like insurance social media WORKS, if done right. What is the most important thing to a consumer? My guess? It's what they want. Socia media is all about giving people what they want. 

My question to you, what do you want from your insurance agent/broker? I'm still trying to figure it out, but in the meantime check out this video from Seabirds Truck from LA. They prove social media is for the birds!