Social Media Tips for Food Truck Owners

social media for food trucks.jpg

As many forms of social media steadily continue to grow in terms of users, they are also used more and more in our everyday lives. You can now buy items directly from advertisements on Instagram, you can login to thousands of other sites through Facebook, and you can order a pizza by simply tweeting the pizza emoji to Domino’s on Twitter. Because of this integration, social platforms are being used by everyone now more than ever. Food truck customers are no different, so why not use social media to help grow the brand of your business? There are many ways you can use online platforms to your advantage, but here are some simple ideas to get you started if you are not yet using social media for your business!

One of the easiest things you can do to gain followers, is offer something when a customer shows you they are following you when they are paying for their meal. This could be a 10% discount, a free cookie, or a custom key chain with your logo on it. This will quickly raise your follower count as customers follow you while they are waiting in line to order their bomb lunch from you, because why not?

Although the capabilities of social media outlets have expanded, the core purpose remains the same; to share content with others. Sharing is what makes social media so special because an idea, picture, or whatever it may be can spread faster than ever before. Getting your customers to share can be tough, so give them an incentive! Encourage customers to participate in a monthly contest sharing photos of the food they ordered at your truck, tagging your account and using a unique hashtag. Pick the best photo and re-post it to your account to announce that they won a free t-shirt, meal, or any prize you feel is best. Once your customer’s followers see your food posted by their peers, they will want to come try your delicious food for themselves.

When you have established a solid following on whichever platforms you use most, it is important to continue to use your reach as an advantage. Consistently post where and when you will be serving. Not only will this let your customers know where you are, it will keep your truck and brand top of mind. It is also vital to engage your followers and show that you hear them. Comment back and like the post when they complement you, let them know it is appreciated. If somebody shares a bad experience, you should not ignore it, but it also might not be best to respond publicly. Send them a private message to try and help with the issue. It can be hard with your busy schedule, but try to keep followers excited to stay connected with you by posting content you think best relates to your customer base.

These are only a few ways you can use social media to connect to the world around you. Be as creative as possible for best results, and don’t hesitate to be inspired by things you have seen other companies do. Once you have social platforms mastered, it will be hard for people to NOT know about your truck! Want to share what social media platforms and tactics are working for your truck? Please comment below!