Solving The Food Truck Insurance Puzzle

Insurance can be complicated. It may be one of your least favorite things to deal with as a food truck owner. One of the reasons it can be painful is because some insurance carriers and brokers make it difficult for you. There are cheap insurance program out there that offer basic liability insurance that are self-service. That's fine, but what about your auto insurance, how about your equipment breakdown coverage and most of all what about your loss of business income insurance? You might have to go to two or three different carriers to piece these coverage together. Then when you need a certificate of insurance you're calling two to three different places to get it done. 

Unfortunately, some of our new clients come to us only after they are told they have no coverage for say a failed generator and the loss of income they suffered because or it. Sure, you may have saved a couple hundred dollars, but you might be out thousands for an uncovered claim. They also come to us after they realize that their $300 liability policy coupled with a substandard commercial auto policy is still about the same price as our package with about half the amount of headaches... 

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Why spend time putting a complicated insurance puzzle together that might not even be covering you properly when you can make one call to one place to get it done right? Have questions about food truck insurance or want to compare for yourself? Just reach out!