Have You Been Non-Renewed?

It seems like more and more insurance carriers are trying to get into the food truck business. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that they know exactly how. We have seen major box carriers get in and quickly out of the business. The typical reason for this is because they open the coverage for an entire agent force that may not fully understand the risks and type of accounts they are writing. They likely wrote too many sub-par food truck operations and the carrier started paying out much more in claims than it took in in premiums. Then the carrier has to quickly take action and decide to get out of the food truck business. They are required to give advance notice to policyholders that they are going to non-renew. Even the good food truck operators who have not had any claims suffer and get the dreaded NON-RENEWAL LETTER. This typically comes 60 days prior to the policy expiration date and won't give much reason other than possibly "underwriting guidelines." 

What Can You Do If You Are Non-renewed? 

It takes time out of your busy schedule to shop insurance for your business. We know, it's usually not pleasurable... It could take several calls before you get a hold of a broker that knows what you are talking about when you tell them you run a food truck. Don't wait until the last minute to find a new carrier. If you have 60 days before the non-renewal, start as son as you get the letter so you are well positions for the change. Rates do change. and they usually go up... By locking in a policy early, you avoid the risk of a rate hike right before your old policy expires. 

Call Insure My Food Truck!

We have a unique insurance program specifically for gourmet food trucks. We are one one of a few brokers in the country with direct access to this program. Coverage extends to loss of business income, equipment breakdown and other proprietary coverage that could make or break your business if you have a loss. In most cases we are the same premium or less  than carriers without such coverage. However, we only work with gourmet food trucks. We have been helping gourmet food trucks for over 4 years! If you received a non-renewal letter or if you are questioning the coverage on your current policy, please call us to save yourself time, money and possibly your business.