Tired of Cookie Cutter Food Truck Insurance?

We know that no food truck or trailer is built the same. Insure My Food Truck has seen and insures some of the most interesting and intricate trucks around. We have covered Airstreams to AMCs to Armenco trucks.

We have devolved a program that will offer coverage for the value of YOUR truck, modifications and everything inside. One of the best features of our program is that we offer replacement cost for your truck modifications. This means that when you have an accident and need to replace your kitchen equipment or truck modifications you get new items, not the depreciated value (actual cash value) of your items.

The best way to explain this is to relate it to a personal homeowner or renters insurance policy. If you have a decked out stereo system that immediately loses value ater opening the box and even more value after a little use. Let's say someone steals your your whole flat screen/THX/Blue Ray/Karaoke killer set up! Arghh.... With our coverage you would be able to get a new system not the value of the items that were stolen at the time of loss. 

Your food truck is unique and should be treated and insured as such. Even though your rig is irreplaceable, you should have replacement cost on the modifications to get you back to whole as much as possible. Contact us for more information and hope to properly insurance your food truck.