Join a Food Truck Association

Being that you found our site it's likely that you are already in or are considering getting into the mobile food vending business. Therefore I don't need to explain to you the ever growing popularity of this industry. I'm sure you have done your homework. However, I want to provide some great links to food truck associations that can further help you get started, grow and succeed in the food truck world. 

The Food Truck Handbook by David Weber, founder of the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck in NYC and founder of the NYC Food Truck Association is a must read. If you have not read this book yet, GET IT HERE or in iTunes. If I were an instructor at Food Truck U this would be the textbook. Granted there is a lot of New York specific information, but much of it applies to major metropolitan areas. 

If your city has a food truck association or more than one, find the best fit ands join it. Trade associations are one of the most valuable tools for any business wanting to protect their livelihood and collaborate with colleagues. Not only are associations a great way to learn the business and meet others, but they often have group buying power, local legislative power and yes even lead to sweet insurance discounts!

I've done some research and have compiled the list below if you have not yet located your local association:

California: SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association @SoCalMFVA

Florida: Tallahassee Food Truck Association

Kentucky: Blue Grass Food Truck Association @BGFoodTrucks

Louisiana: New Orleans Food Truck Coalition @NOFTC

Missouri: St. Louis Food Truck Association @STLFTA

New York: NYC Food Truck Association @nycfoodtruck

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Mobile Food Association @PhillyMFA

Tennessee: Nashville Food Truck Association

Washington DC: DC Food Truck Association 

Other Valuable sites to visit if you're considering starting a food truck:

San Francisco Cart Project founder, Matt Cohen, also founder of Off the Grid, has developed an "Instrucktional" to help guide new trucks on how to start their business, procure permits, and succeed. This is primarily gears towards Bay Area mobile food vendors, but still useful information for anyone getting into the business @sfcarts 

The good folks @Frysmith in Los Angeles were generous enough to share their perspective and advice on starting a food truck. Here is a link to their three part blog on "How To Start a Food Truck"

Please leave comments below if you know of other associations or pending associations that can be added to this list. There are many emerging food truck markets and associations will inevitably follow. If your area does not have an association why not consider getting together with other trucks to form one? There is strength in numbers!