Prevent Your Food Truck From Going Up In Smoke

A fire in your food truck could really put the brakes on your business. Yet, cooking fires are surprisingly common, and 57% of food business fires are caused by cooking equipment. Even with well trained staff and up to date equipment, kitchen fires can happen to anyone at a moments notice. Keep your food truck rolling with these 10 fire prevention tips:

  1. Install and maintain a UL 300 compliant automatic fire suppression system to minimize fire damage. These systems automatically dispense chemicals to keep the flames under control and also have a manual switch. Service annually.
  2. Since grease-build up is a major fire risk, exhaust ducts should be professional cleaned at least once per year. Equipment using solid fuels such as wood or charcoal should be cleaned monthly.   
  3. Fryers should be located at least 16 inches from a gas stove, char-grill or other open flame appliance. If unavoidable, an 8-inch stainless steel baffle should be installed between the appliances
  4. Fryers should be equipped with a high temperature shut-off switch to prevent oil from overheating
  5. Provide Type K Extinguishers for use on cooking fires, and Type A & B for all other fires
  6. Maintain clear and uncluttered walkways and storage areas
  7. Store combustibles — rags, trash, plastics, flammable gases and oils— away from hot surfaces or power sources
  8. Don’t use extension cords, frayed electrical cords or cracked/broken switch plates
  9. Keep combustibles away from hot surfaces or power sources
  10. If you have a wood or charcoal burning oven, remove the ashes daily

Fire is a risk that can’t be completely avoided in the food truck business. These tips will help keep your truck safer. Just remember if a fire does occur, never throw water on a grease fire! Let us know if you have any additional tips or need any assistance with your food truck insurance needs.