Divide (Your Time) and Conquer

As a food truck owner you're probably extremely busy. If not you're either really good at delegating or almost out of business. Your time is valuable. Chances are that you're active on the truck, try to squeeze in social media between orders, and manage your books at night. There comes a point where you need to delegate your responsibilities and focus on marketing your business and securing jobs. If your too busy cooking one week and not securing jobs for the next, you may be putting your business at risk.

No, I don't operate a food truck, but I talk to owners every day... Unfortunately, sometimes I talk to owners that close their business and need to cancel their insurance. I may not be an expert at operating a food truck, but know that if you're not spening enough time marketing your business, you may be in for problems sooner than later. I also know that our most successful food truck client/owners have worked their way off the truck by hiring the right people to cook, drive, clean, and run most of the day to day operations so they can focus on growing the business. Every week we are seeing food trucks clients add restaurants and mutiple trucks! This would be impossible if you were stuck prepping, cooking and cleaning on your first truck. The only exception to the above that I have seen is if you're really passionate about cooking and hate marketing. In this case, you would want to find the right partner or sales person to do this for you, but you are usually the best person to market your truck since your livelyhood depends on it and you are the most passionate about the success of your business. Case in point- I'm here during my lunch hour as owner of Insure My Food Truck writing this to help you and me. I could be issuing one of the dozens of certificate requests we get per day, but my staff is better at that than I am and my time is best spent doing this at the moment.   

If you have great food and a great team, you need to divide your time and conquer. If not, you need to spend your time on your menu and hiring good people. Most food truck owners have a end goal like opening a restaurant, starting a franchise of your truck, or packaging or bottling your product . You need to be taking the right steps to get there. You can't take these steps without priortizing your time. I know, it's probably hard to let go and trust others to manage your food truck, but you owe it to yourself, your team and your goals to spend your time on the right activities.