Are You ALL IN?

Running a food truck is not easy. In fact, it's possibly one of the most difficult professions around. We see and hear first hand about what it takes to turn a profit in this business. Some people think they make a mean burger and want to dabble in the popular gourmet food truck business. They want to "keep their day job" and test the waters of running a food truck. We recommend working on a truck part time before you put a cent into starting you own. Owning a food truck can easily take up to 18 hours of your day. You will quickly learn that while you might be able to keep your day job you are going to need tons of support. You'll also need a ton of trust. You will need to trust your managers and employees with your expensive truck, gear and incoming cash... 

The most successful trucks we see (and we work with A LOT) are ALL IN! What does this mean exactly...? We mean they are full time in their business venture.  They do not get distracted with a day job or try to hold a night shift. The food truck business requires your full attention to make it work and be successful.

Our opinion is not fact. You may be a successful part time food truck operator or know one. Yes, of course it's possible. However, we are just pointing out that the prize is always bigger when you're ALL IN!