What Is Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability?

Our food truck clients and prospective clients often ask us, "What is hired and non-owned auto insurance?" Hired and non-owned auto liability insurance is an important coverage that can be confusing, but is worth understanding. 

Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability Coverage relates to commercial auto liability for your food truck business. This coverage can be endorsed onto your Package or General Liability Insurance policy, but is typically added to your commercial auto policy under what we call symbols 8 and 9. 

Non-owned Auto Liability (symbol 8) protects your company if it is brought into a lawsuit resulting from an auto accident involving a vehicle owned by you personally, or owned by one of your employees (not owned by the company) if they were using it for company business. Examples we often use are sending staff to the bank for you or going to pick up extra food for a big event you're serving at. If you ever have non-company owned vehicles used for business, this is a vital coverage to add to your insurance. 

Hired Auto Liability (symbol 9) protects your company interests in the event that it is sued resulting from an auto accident due to the use of a hired or rented vehicle by one of your employees while on company business. This can be important if you rent vehicles  for jobs. Many of our food truck clients need to rent vans for running ingredients and errands on large jobs. This liability coverage will extend to the rented vehicle. 

Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability available to purchase, are inexpensive and highly recommended. Art Insure My Food Truck we always include these coverages unless a client specifically request that they be removed. Not all insurance brokers will include or explain this coverage to you. If you would like a review of your insurance, please contact Insure My Food Truck You may also request a quote for your commercial auto insurance needs here.