Staff Spotlight: Ryan Snyder

Ryan Snyder.PNG

Every now and then we like to spotlight staff at Insure My Food Truck. We have awesome people here that we want to share with the world. Here is a glimpse of Ryan Snyder who has been on board for several months now and helps prospective clients become part of the Insure My Food Truck (IMFT) Family! If you have requested a recently quote, there's a good chance you have talked to or worked with Ryan. 

We've asked Ryan a few question so you can get to know him a bit better...

IMFT:  How long have you been in insurance?

Ryan:  I had 2 different insurance internships while in college, but have been working full time in Insurance for about 10 months now.

IMFT:  What’s your favorite part about helping clients?

Ryan: It is a great feeling to know you are solving a problem a client is experiencing.

IMFT:  Favorite Street Food?                                                                

Ryan: Tacos, no question. I could eat them for every meal if I had to!

IMFT:  If you could run your own food truck what would you serve and what would it look like?

Ryan: We’d serve Mexican food, of course. My truck would be Cabo themed and painted like a light blue tropical ocean.

IMFT:  What Pandora/Spotify station would be bumpin' in the "Cabomobile”?

Ryan: I think some island music to keep the mood carefree while you enjoy your tacos.

IMFT:  Insurance can get a bad wrap, what can you tell the food truck operators about how we help?

Ryan: We are here to help you as much as possible! When I am working with a potential client, my goal is make sure they can rest easy knowing they are covered, and that they have a great support team to contact should they ever need anything.

IMFT:  Random fact about you?                                                                                            

Ryan: I have a dog named Zeus that is half German Sheppard and half Chihuahua.

IMFT: When not diligently assisting food trucks with all their urgent needs what do you like to do?

Ryan: I enjoy any fitness activities, trying new restaurants with family and friends, and traveling as much as I can. 

There you have it! Thanks Ryan for the insight. Want to learn more about our staff, click here. Want to get a quote and join the family, click here.