Staff Spotlight: Timmy Bridges

Insure My Food Truck is backed by some pretty talented people. Every so often we like to feature our staff to provide you with some insight about our team and to put faces to the names of some of the people you may talk to at Insure My Food Truck. This spotlight is on Timmy Bridges, one of the newer members of our team!

IMFT:  How long have you been in insurance?

Timmy:  Almost two years.

IMFT:  What’s your favorite part about helping clients?

Timmy:  Protecting the businesses that they have worked so hard to build.

IMFT:  Favorite Street Food?

Timmy:  Pretty wide variety, but if I had to choose one, I would have to say Southern-style food .

IMFT:  If you could run your own food truck what would you serve and what would it look like?

Timmy:  Nacho Average Taco! Mexican street food all day .

IMFT:  What Spotify station would be bumpin' in the "Nacho Average Taco” Truck?

Timmy:  Psychobilly Rock

IMFT:  Insurance can get a bad wrap, what can you tell the food truck operators about how we help?

Timmy:  We love food trucks here, and we want to protect yours. Our program was created specifically for the food truck industry, and provides the types of coverage you will need.

IMFT:  Random fact about you?

Timmy: I can recite the movie Dumb and Dumber from memory.

IMFT: When not diligently networking and promoting food trucks what do you like to do?

Timmy: Work out, watch old James Bond movies, and try new kinds of food!