Staff Spotlight: Bri Henderson

Every now and then we like to spotlight staff at Insure My Food Truck. We have awesome people here that we want to share with the world. Here is a glimpse of Brianne "Bri" Henderson who has been on board for some time now and helps customers with certificates of insurance, policy changes, billings, renewals and all the other "fun stuff" that comes along with insuring your food truck!

IMFT:  How long have you been in insurance?

Bri:  About 8 years

IMFT:  What’s your favorite part about helping clients?

Bri:  I enjoy the social aspect, providing good service with a smile.

IMFT:  Favorite Street Food?                                                                                                                          

Bri:  Barbecue- not grilled foods but real wood smoked barbecue! 

IMFT:  If you could run your own food truck what would you serve and what would it look like?

Bri: It’d look like a piece of cake and we’d serve French pastries, pies, cakes, petie fours and all things sweet.  

IMFT:  What Pandora station would be bumpin' in the "cakemobile”

Bri:  Michael Jackson –all day long.

IMFT:  Insurance can get a bad wrap, what can you tell the food truck operators about how we help?

Bri:  I know about the long hours that are required in the food industry, and protecting your passion and lively hood is important – so great coverage that’s easy to manage and affordable is how we can help -so you can keep doing what you do.

IMFT:  Random fact about you?                                                                                                                 

Bri:  I used to be a pastry chef and baker and just until recently I wouldn’t eat a cake that I didn’t bake myself.

IMFT: When not diligently assisting food trucks with all their urgent needs what do you like to do?

Bri: Spend time with my family – especially when it involves going out to try a new restaurant or food truck event.